Lawn Tennis Team Nomination (Singles + Doubles) Due Soon

The forms need to be completed IN FULL and returned to this email address by Friday 26th August 2016 to allow the committee enough time to set up the competition in League Manager before the season starts.

Last season there was only a Ladies' doubles competition but there is the option to nominate a Men's doubles team. We will set up a Men's doubles competition if there are enough nominations.

It is understood that at this time of the year it is not always possible to know with 100% certainty who will be in your team. However, it is important that you provide as many correct names as possible as:

- This will allow the committee to allocate the team to the correct division

- It will allow the team to be set up in League Manager. League Manager is very particular on having the exact correct names when searching for players to add to teams.

It is also important to have a captain nominated for each team so we can contact each team directly about missing scores, possible changes of venue etc.

The committee is looking forward to receiving your team nominations!